How to Contribute

Full-Stack HQ was created to help educate developers learn the entire stack of web development. It is almost impossible to be an expert on the whole stack, and I recognize that I have not mastered the entirety of any level of the stack. With that being said, I welcome contributions from talented developers who share my passion for learning and teaching others.

Some specific topics to write about:

  • Front-End Frameworks (React, Angular, Vue)
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Backend Technologies (Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails, Golang, etc.)
  • CICD
  • Databases (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Cloud Providers (GCP, AWS, Azure)

If you are interested in contributing, please send an email to Let me know what you are interested in writing about and when to expect your first post to be done. I will let you know what the next steps are from there.

Thanks for your interest in making Full-Stack HQ better!